The History of Constellation

Constellation of Junior Stars, State of New York

        In 1948, sisters of the Order of the Eastern Star in Westchester County felt the need for a Youth Organization for teen-age girls. This idea spread throughout New York State.
        In the Annual Grand Chapter of the Order of Eastern Star Sessions Report in 1949, it is stated that "if any chapter members are interested in organizing a 'Constellation of Junior Stars', they are encouraged to do so. Several Constellations are now in the process of organization at the present time to be known as ' . . . Constellation of Junior Stars', the name selected by the Group to proceed the word Constellation." Also at this session, Most Worthy Grand Matron Harriet M. Knoeckel called the attention of the delegates a valuable gift presented to the members by Most Worthy Past Grand Matron Annie M. Pond (1910). Ever since then, Most Worthy Annie M. Pond has been recognized as the author of the beautiful words we use and follow during every meeting we hold.
        In 1950, Most Worthy Annie M. Pond officially presented the ritual and proceedings of the Constellation of Junior Stars in honor of 100 years of the Order of the Eastern Star. Fifty-three years later, the words are still beautiful, and the history behind them inspires many members to follow in Annie M. Pond's generous footsteps.
        As new Constellations were springing up all across New York in 1950, organizing Councils of Sponsors realized that they were building opportunities for the future of their organization, the world and most importantly, their immediate communities. Therefore, in many instances individual Constellations are named for members of the Order of the Eastern Star (most often Most Worthy Past Grand Matrons and Past Grand Patrons) who were selfless in their dedication to the Order and their communities. The first six chartered Constellations were named after them.
        By 1961, Constellation was spreading throughout New York and an idea was brought to the sponsors of the local Constellations to organize a Grand Council of Sponsors to assist local sponsors in organizing new chapters as well as to assist a State Level of Constellation Members.
        In May of 1962, at the Thomas J. Watson Homestead in Painted Post NY, the first annual Convocation of Constellation was held. An entire slate of State Level Line Officers was elected by voting delegates from each Constellation. The way of electing State Officers was different from any Organization known and works every year as Grand Officers are selected and the Grand Exalted Star is elected from her body of peers across New York State. 
Beginning in 1950 - 1983, sixty-two Constellations were formed. Today, Starlight Constellation #43 is the only active Constellation that has never folded.